Samoan Koko

Nora’s Samoan Koko Products

Samoan Koko (Theobroma cacao) is our way of honouring the koko (cacao) farmers who have nurtured the Samoan variety of Trinitario or also called Lafi 7, that was bred directly from the Criollo and Forastero varieties. The farmers are experts at growing Koko trees and our employees are selected from families with generations that have grown, consumed and sold koko products. Their knowledge of selecting the best pods adds to the company’s insistence on producing quality Samoan Koko paste and fermented beans. Our Samoan Koko products are ideal for the serious chocolate makers.

Cacao Beans

We use an extensive well-researched method of fermenting cacao beans over several nights. Sundrying is still the best method for drying and also environmentally friendly. Quality control at every step ensures that our Customers receive a High quality product.

Cocoa Paste

Slow roasting the beans is done by  only those who have mastered this skill. This safeguards the consistence in the quality of the beans that are ground to the paste form.